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Use Service Cloud to empower your customer service team to provide seamless customer service. Delightful customer services experiences improve growth and customer satisfaction. Our certified Service Cloud consultants can show your organization how to use Service Cloud to provide effective answers quickly, identify customer needs and incorporate customer service insights into business decisions.

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CloudBlazer’s Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultants

The mission of CloudBlazer’s Salesforce Service Cloud consultants is to empower customer service agents to fully utilize their Service Cloud instance. We also specialize in helping organizations implement Salesforce Service Cloud. Our Service Cloud consultants can assist with every aspect of your Salesforce Service Cloud implementation.

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Methodology Highlights for Service Cloud Consulting

Our Service Cloud project methodology uses a flexible yet effective approach to Service Cloud deployment, all while keeping your business goals top of mind.

  • In-Depth planning

  • Adjustable decision making

  • Detailed process documentation

  • Focus on your timeline and budget

Our Approach to Service Cloud Consulting

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In the DISCOVER phase, we’ll start with a project kick off. Then we’ll define the timeline, expectations and project plan.

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Next is the ANALYZE phase, during which we’ll make sure everyone is aligned on the project process, requirements, solution and scope.

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In the DESIGN phase, our Service Cloud consultants will design the Service Cloud architecture and prototypes.

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In the DEVELOP phase, our talented team of developers will code the application, integrations and data migration. We’ll also build an effective training schedule.

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Next is the VALIDATE phase, where we’ll perform rigorous testing and finalize the training curriculum.

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The last step is the DEPLOY phase, where our Service Cloud consultants will deploy Service Cloud and train your customer service agents.

Why Implement Salesforce Service Cloud

Allow our Salesforce certified Service Cloud consultants to help change the role of your customer service agents from putting out fires to providing delightful customer experiences. Anytime a customer service agent interacts with your customer, it is an opportunity to increase revenue. Customers do not want to be delayed or inconvenienced by customer support. Instead, they want service available all the time and in the method of communication that is best for them. To remain competitive and relevant, organizations must offer outstanding customer service experiences by reducing wait time, call transfers and ideally providing 24 hour support. Our Service Cloud consultants can help you achieve this.

The benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud include reducing case resolution time, improving customer retention and satisfaction and providing up-to-date support metrics. Contact us today to learn more about how our Service Cloud consultants can support your customer service organization.