Our Salesforce CRM Project Methodology

Our project methodology has developed over the course of hundreds of successful Salesforce implementations. Our unique approach has been key to successful deployments, long-term effectiveness, and scalability for our clients.

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Our Approach

At CloudBlazer, our mission is to help leaders transform Salesforce customization and deployment into a managed, efficient, and predictable business process tool. There are often a number of different paths to take but they are siloed and disconnected, and with little collaboration or visibility.

With limited visibility comes a great deal of risk as organizations deal with both internal changes and the external pressures inherent in Salesforce deployment. And this risk is compounded when you add the external variables that must be considered, such as distributed teams, compliance mandates, changing standards, and new technology.


CloudBlazer’s CRM enablement project methodology accommodates the uniquely iterative approach of Salesforce application deployment, with a panoramic view that each organization will be different in needs and ambitions.

Project Methodology Highlights

  • Business Process Integration planning approach
  • Highly adaptable, with flexible decision points
  • Defined structure, tools, and documentation
  • Continually confirms that the project components have a business process justification
  • Regular reviews of progress against the plan and the business case


Icon Discover


  • Launch projects
  • Schedule resources
  • Level set project and role expectations
  • Produce initial project plan
Icon Analyze


  • Business process review
  • Define requirements & to-be processes
  • Prioritize requirements
  • Document high-level solution architecture
  • Update project scope
Icon Design


  • Design solution architecture
  • Document solution design
  • Complete prototyping
  • Develop change management plan
Icon Develop


  • Configure application
  • Data migration
  • Build integrations
  • Develop code
  • Develop custom training schedule
Icon Validate


  • Validate solution functionality
  • Review data
  • Complete unit & system testing
  • Develop training curriculum
Icon Deploy


  • Deploy solution to production
  • Train end users
  • Support go-live