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"Dave and CloudBlazer have been the difference maker in closing a significantly higher percentage of my opportunities based on their ability to build relationships and rapport with key stakeholders including I.T. influencers and decision makers. They have served as a great resource in educating me on what products to recommend and why and how them. One example is why to position Pardot vs. Marketing Cloud and vice versa. They adhere to evaluation timelines of my opportunities without fail and understand the new logo sales process intimately. You can always count on them to offer a compelling POV to clients and prospects and they continuously find innovative ways to co-sell with me including finding strong reasons for them to reach out to my prospects, connect with them and advance the opportunity. As a new logo Account Executive, closing new ACV in year one is essential and Dave and the CloudBlazer team do an excellent job in sourcing incremental opportunities for me too close. CloudBlazer has raised the bar for other implementation partners to reach for."

"CloudBlazer is the only SI that I have worked with in my 6 years as an RVP at Salesforce that I didn’t have to get involved with the account after the deal was closed. They take care of our clients exceptionally well and always do the right thing for the customer. My team has built great momentum using CloudBlazer as a result of how they listen and execute on my recommendations and plans that evolve from my teams Quarterly Business Reviews that they have participated in. I am a true advocate for CloudBlazer!"

"Just wanted to tell you how impressed I’ve been through this whole process with BWI. I don’t know of any other partner that could scope this project as quickly as you have done. You’ve always put us in the position to be able to win."

"I have yet to meet another partner that can instill trust and articulate the value of Salesforce to my clients the way CloudBlazer does. They truly are a partner to both Account Executives and their clients in terms of their co-selling methodology. CloudBlazer is without a doubt the most thorough and well rounded partner that I work with. Dave and his team come to each engagement with a point of view and are not afraid to work outside the box in order to help clients achieve success. I use CloudBlazer exclusively as my preferred partner because I know, without a doubt, that they are in the best hands."

"I began using CloudBlazer, formerly Overground Cloud Services, over 3 years ago as a result of having a challenge with another partner I was using at the time. I brought a challenging situation to Dave and CloudBlazer and they were able to resolve the issue and assist me in closing the opportunity. I then assigned CloudBlazer to all of my Q4 opportunities that year and collectively, we were able to convert every single one of them. They have been my go-to partner ever since. Dave and CloudBlazer have brought innovative co-selling that has supported the growth of opportunities and I have never had any client calls backs. The partnership I established with CloudBlazer has been nothing short of phenomenal!"

"CloudBlazer goes above and beyond in their commitment to client satisfaction and service delivery. I never have to worry about my clients implementation because of the professionalism and skill of this partner. When it comes to projects with complex integration, they have gone the extra mile several times to instill confidence in our customers that Salesforce was the right solution set."

"Over the last year, CloudBlazer has established themselves as my preferred partner as a result of their dependability, expertise with Marketing Cloud and willingness to accommodate clients with varying budget sizes (i.e. no minimums / floors). Their transparency in the estimating process and level of detail they provide in their project Statements of Work enable clients to feel comfortable with them as a trusted partner."

"One of my teammates recommended CloudBlazer when I started at Salesforce. I evaluated other SIs in addition to CloudBlazer but I quickly grew loyal to CloudBlazer as a result of the transparency and integrity they provided my clients. The overall commitment they demonstrated and extreme level of experience sets them apart from other implementation partners."

"CloudBlazer is the Gold Standard when it comes to Salesforce Solution Implementers. The point of view that they bring to client conversations and methodology throughout the delivery process has fostered some of the best growth that I have had in my relationships with my clients."

"Honestly, CloudBlazer is my favorite implementation partner of all time! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dave and the team at CloudBlazer and recommend them to Salesforce employees and clients that are in need of a reliable and trustworthy partner!"