Begin your Journey Toward Carbon Neutrality with Net Zero Cloud

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Net Zero Cloud can help your organization take actionable steps toward sustainability. This tool provides all-encompassing yet intuitive reporting, tangible insights and enhanced supplier communication on the agile Salesforce platform. Net Zero Cloud’s reporting supplies reliable data with comprehensive dashboards for waste management as well as Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. It will also help you discover the most efficient route to carbon neutrality with 
what-if analysis, focus on science-backed goals and forecasting. You will also find a protected portal to encourage collaboration with suppliers. All of these features come with the full flexibility and ease of use that is associated with the Salesforce platform. You will easily be able to do any necessary customizations and combine data from other sources.

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CloudBlazer’s Methodology for Net Zero Cloud Implementation

Our Net Zero Cloud consultants use a methodology that utilizes our experience and your business needs. The CloudBlazer Net Zero Cloud program consists of meticulous planning, deliberate decision making, precise documentation and prioritization of your budget and timeline.

The CloudBlazer Net Zero Cloud Consulting Process

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In the Discover phase, our Net Zero Cloud consultants will kick off the engagement and make sure all parties are in agreement on timeline and goals.

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During the Analyze phase, CloudBlazer consultants will explain our process, roadmap and scope.

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The Design phase is when our Salesforce consultants will outline your project and research any needed customized architecture and prototypes.

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In the develop phase, we create comprehensive training materials and develop your applications and data migrations.

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During Validation, CloudBlazer consultants perform detailed testing and put the finishing touches on your organization's personalized training program.

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The final phase where we launch your Net Zero Cloud instance and prepare your team to capitalize on the tool’s features.

If your organization is eager to expedite your journey to Net Zero, reach out to get more information from our Net Zero Cloud consultants.